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Are Finance101

Finance 101 are a team of finance brokers working to get you and your family the best deal!

Are your lenders

We deal with a panel of over 30 established and trusted financiers to ensure that we have a range of products to meet our clients needs.

Are your insurers

We deal with Australia’s leading insurance companies giving you the ability to protect yourself or the asset you are purchasing against any unexpected events.

Is eligible for a loan

You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident over the age of 18. Different lenders have different eligbility criteria – get in touch and we’ll see if we can assist!

Is the greatest band of all time

Depends on who you ask – in our office it ranges from The Beatles, to Motley Crue to Eminem!



Is the difference between secured and unsecured

A secured loan is a loan using an asset as security on the loan. Securing an asset gives a lender more confidence in the application, which generally results in a lower interest rate. An unsecured loan is one that doesn’t have an asset secured against it, generally personal loans or cash flow funding.

Is the difference between consumer and business loans

A consumer loan is a loan for a ‘natural person’ – meaning not a business – and the asset will be used for private use in most instances. A business or commercial loan is offered where the asset is going to be used predominantly for business or investment purposes. There can be tax advantages for business loans for customers who are self employed. Call us today to discuss what might be the most suitable option for you.

Type of loans can you help me with

Any of them pretty much – just no mortgages (just yet).

Can I finance

Whatever you want. If you’re purchasing a 1927 Ford Model T, an Apache helicopter, a environmentally friendly electric scooter, a photocopier for your business, we can help with it all! There isn’t much we cannot do.

Information do I need to give you

Generally we’ll require a few years worth of residential and employment history and some details in regards to your assets and liabilities, income and expenses. Nothing too major – we don’t need your blood type or the colour of your underwear.

If I am self employed

Yep, we can do that as well! Are you the 1% of businesses that have all of their tax stuff up to date, or like the majority and don’t have your paperwork in order (blame the accountant) – we can look after you either way. If you’re a start up business, or you’ve been running for 25+ years or anything in between, Finance 101 will be able to help.

If I don't have financials for my business

See the point above. We have a range of products available (often called a low-doc or no-doc loan) for businesses that don’t have their financials sorted.

Happens after my loan is approved

Let’s go shopping! This is the fun part. If you need assistance with sourcing a vehicle or asset, let us know, we know people who know people.

Happens if you cannot help me

Sorry, we did our best. We will always give you a helping hand as to what the issue/s were and what steps you can take to try and sort them out. In most instances, finding out if we can help will have no impact on your credit file so what have you got to lose?

Impact will this have on my credit score

Generally, very little. Our team of specialists will ensure that before any formal enquiry is made on your credit file that your application is thoroughly reviewed to ensure it meets our lender guidelines. If you would like more information on what will happen with your credit file when dealing with us, please give us a call and we can give you the ins and outs.

Is the meaning of life




Use Finance101

We are a team of real people (I know right?) working for you to provide a quick and easy service you can count on. We’re a one stop shop for all of your finance and insurance needs, with lenders you can trust offering low rates, all the while protecting your privacy, your credit score and your bank balance.

Is it important to get pre-approved

Heck yeah! Having a pre-approval in place will help with your bargaining power as well as ensuring that you don’t miss out on what you have your heart set on. It will also assist in setting a clear budget so you don’t get in over your head. Pre-approvals also ensure peace of mind knowing the approval is in place for ordering assets that may take some time to get to you.

Is the sky blue

Gases and particles in Earth’s atmosphere scatter sunlight in all directions. Blue light is scattered more than other colours because it travels as shorter, smaller waves – hence the blue sky.



Are you based

Physically – Suite 1.02/371 Macarthur Avenue, Hamilton, QLD 4007, just north of the Brisbane CBD. You’ll see a big sign on the building to let you know you’re in the right spot. Spiritually however, we like to think we’re in the hearts of the people we’ve helped along the way.

Can I live to get a loan with Finance101

Straya mate (and only Australia sorry).

Can I buy from

Dealers, private sellers, auction houses, online or even refinance an existing loan that isn’t suitable.

Do babies come from

We’ll leave that one to your parents.



Will I know if I'm approved

Generally within 24 hours, depending on the complexity of your application. But don’t worry; we’ll give you a call the second we know and you’ll be updated all the way throughout the process!

Will I get the money

You won’t always. With secured loans the funds get paid directly to the supplier. With unsecured loans we can have the money in your account as quickly as the same day as your approval.

Can I get in touch with you

Business hours for us are Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, with after hours and Saturday’s available by appointment (we’re still here for you after 4pm unlike the banks!)

You say nothing at all?

We’ll just call Ronan Keating



Long will it take

An application phone call can take as little as 10 minutes. An approval can take as little as an hour. A settlement can occur on the same day as an approval. A standard turn around from approval to settlement is a couple of days.

Much can I borrow

It depends on your personal cicumstances, but our team of friendly brokers will be able to assist you to find out.

Long can I take a loan over

Loan terms vary from lender to lender; most lenders offer between 12 months and 7 years.

Can you help if I'm paying a high interest rate on my current loan

Finance 101 are a team of finance brokers working to get you and your family the best deal!We have a range of lenders with the ability to refinance loans mid-term, to either improve your interest rate, restructure the term of the loan to make it more suitable or for any worthwhile purpose.

Much wood can a woodchuck chuck

A woodchuck would chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

Secured Finance Products




Camper Trailer

Motor home

Horse float







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personal loans

Unsecured Finance Products


debt consolidation







Insurance Products

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance is insurance that covers the asset you are purchasing for damage or loss. The damage or loss can be things like an accident, vandalism to your asset, weather events, theft or similar. This insurance is the only mandatory insurance that you must take out on a secured loan. Speak to your broker to see if we can save you some money on your quote, or even insurance quotes for any other assets you own.

GAP/Shortfall Insurance

GAP Cover or shortfall insurance is insurance that is designed to cover any shortfall between what you owe on your loan and what your comprehensive insurer pays you out in the event of a total loss (theft, written off vehicle etc.). For example, you borrowed $30000 for your brand new car and two years later it is declared a total loss. You may still owe $25000 on the car, and your insurer is only going to pay you $20000. If you didn’t have shortfall insurance, you would be liable for the $5000 difference. If you have shortfall insurance then the insurer would cover the difference, and in most instances, will also contribute some further cover for other costs that you may incur (car hire, insurance excess etc). Basically, if your vehicle is written off, your loan is too!

Loan Protection

Loan protection insurance is designed to assist you in making your loan repayments in the event that you are unable to work due to illness, injury or involuntary unemployment. Loan protection insurance can assist you to protect your credit file and your bank account if something unforeseen was to occur.

Return to invoice

Return to invoice insurance is similar to GAP Cover/Shortfall insurance, but can more suitable for clients contributing large deposits or trading in a current vehicle towards a financed asset. In the event of a total loss, if your comprehensive insurer pays you out less than what you paid for the asset, this insurance can top you up back to the purchase price. It protects the equity that you have contributed towards the vehicle.


Warranty products assist in minimising potential out of pocket expenses associated with the unexpected failure of mechanical and electrical components of your asset. These prodcuts can be worth considering if you plan to keep the veicle beyond the factory warranty period, or if the vehicle you are buying is used and out of factory warranty.

Other Products

Tinted windows

Window tinting is the process of applying a film to your vehicle’s windows. This has multiple benefits, being security, UV protection, cooler interior of the vehicle and also, it always looks great!

Paint protection

Paint protection is an aftermarket product designed to preserve the exterior condition of your asset. Most paint protection products safeguard your paintwork against permanent damage caused by potential environmental impacts (bird and bat droppings, tree sap, EV damage) and will generally offer a warranty period against damage.

Fabric/interior protection

Fabric/leather protection preserves the interior condition of your asset, preventing permannet damage caused by sun damage and food and drink stains. This product is generally applied to seats inside motor vehicles and couches and matresses inside caravans. As an added benefit, it generally makes your interior surfaces easier to clean.

Roadside assistance

Roadside Assistance is a service that will assist you getting back on the road sooner in the event of a breakdown or unfortunate event that means your vehicle is stranded. Common problems they solve include flat tyres, flat batteries, running out of fuel and even something as simple as accidentally locking your keys inisde the car.


Whether it is a bullbar for your car, an annexe for your caravan, a fish finder for your boat or riding gear for your bike; we can finance it!


In some cases it may be difficult or just not make sense for you to pick up your vehicle from where you have purchased it. Freight costs can often be added to a vehicle tax invoice to be financed.

Kyle Kratzmann
Kyle Kratzmann
Eddie made the process super easy from start to finish. He was always available and updated me straight away. He ensured everything was settled as fast as possible, and was a relatable and genuine person to deal with.
Glenda Oh
Glenda Oh
Pat was amazing in securing a great rate for my car loan! Even the car dealership was shocked that Finance101 was able to get me such a good rate! They work tirelessly to help me after hours calls to make sure the process went as quick as possible! Great support from Dan and Mark too!
Craig Holder
Craig Holder
Highly recommend finance 101, Patrick was a pleasure to deal with! Kept me updated throughout the whole loan process. Thanks finance 101
Richard McGregor
Richard McGregor
100% recommend these guys so helpful, Mark and all he's team do there best for you
Paul Ransom
Paul Ransom
Sensational service, Aaron was a brilliant member to work with.
Mick Higginson
Mick Higginson
Excellent went above and beyond
Stuart Crichton
Stuart Crichton
Dealt with Eddie at Fiannace 101 onsite at Lawrence RV Burpengary buying our new caravan. What amazing service, totally hassle free, honest and upfront with everything. Made choosing our new caravan so easy and pleasurable. Thanks to the whole team for making this whole thing so easy.
Reyne McLellan
Reyne McLellan
Dalton and Aaron were fantastic to deal with. Made the whole process seamless
Richard French
Richard French
Dalton got the impossible done and has been an enormous help. Totally recommend Dalton and Finance101 ????